Thursday, May 3, 2018

Hey Guess What????

How many times have I made a post saying "Hey I'm back!" and then disappeared for many more months? Not gonna lie, that might be this... but I'll try to stay active!

Is anyone even still active on this thing anymore?

Anyways, a little about me now: I am now 26, living in Lakewood with my 7 cats - yes, 7. The last time I was seriously active, I only had the 3 - the mom and 2 babies. Well, I took in another stray, who popped out 3 more. I have an amazing new boyfriend who will be living with me soon. I still cam on Chaturbate, and I still run my website -

I went to log into CollarSpace today and it's not allowing me to update my profile. I contacted support, but I have yet to hear anything. I am, however, still able to receive messages on there, so feel free to reach out on there or either to either of my email addresses [ and]. FetLife is up and running and I'm also looking into adding more assignments to that Sub Training Program I was running through NiteFlirt.

I've got a lot of new ideas for stuff involving my camming and my BDSM stuff, so please follow me on all of my social media accounts to make sure you don't miss anything.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

GoFundMe for Me & My Mom

So today I created a GoFundMe  CumFundMe donation page {Click HERE to access the page and donate} so I can give my mom a dream vacation...well, her dream vacation would be the Bahamas, but when it costs like $8k to stay at the Atlantis, she'd just rather create the best and ONLY vacation we've ever been on - Clearwater, FL. If you would like to donate via PayPal, email me for that. If you'd like to just send an Amazon gift card so I can get a new bikini or something? Send to And also, there is a wish list for some minor stuff I'd like: At the bottom of this page, you'll see my incentive list.

So here's the costs broken down:
[And as always, I'll say that NiteFlirt and CumFundMe unfortunately take an absurd fee out of what you'd tribute so I definitely prefer PayPal.]

- 2 Economy Tickets to Clearwater, FL: $984 United Airlines (gift cards to
- 6 nights' lodging at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort: $1260 Tribute via NiteFlirt
- Economy car rental from Enterprise: $485 Tribute via NiteFlirt
- 2 tickets for 2 visits to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium: $80 Tribute via NiteFlirt
- 2 tickets for Island Boat Adventures: $80 Tribute via NiteFlirt
- 2 tickets for Congo River Mini Golf: $23 Tribute via NiteFlirt
- 2 tickets for the Florida Aquarium in Tampa: $44 Tribute via NiteFlirt
- 2 tickets for the Ghost Tour of Tampa: $30 Tribute via NiteFlirt
- 2 tickets for the AirHeads Trampoline Arena: $34 Tribute via NiteFlirt
- 2 tickets for the AiRobics Class: $20 Tribute via NiteFlirt
- 2 tickets for Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo: $50 Tribute via NiteFlirt
- Gas: $100 Tribute via NiteFlirt
- Extra Baggage Fees: $50 Tribute via NiteFlirt
- Wining & Dining: $500 Tribute via NiteFlirt
- Souvenirs: $200 Tribute via NiteFlirt
- Tattoo: $70 Tribute via NiteFlirt

Thank you in advance to anyone who donates to this :)

The Return of Princess K

Hey everyone :) So if you’ve been paying attention, you’d know that my blog has been down for a while because Google thought they were deleting spam blogs but hundreds of blogs accidentally got cut, including mine. Luckily my weekly emails to Support finally paid off :)

So what have I been up to since the last time I updated? Well there was a lot of family drama…my uncle’s cunt of a wife did some digging and found some shit she shouldn’t have buried her nose in, and started threatening my grandparents that she’d never let them see her kids again (since they “know about me” and “allow me to be around her children). Then there was Thanksgiving, that was alright. I took a haitus from camming for a bit, so Christmas was very quiet and gift-free :( But I’m back and active as ever! New Year’s sucked because of drama happening with a friend I was trying to date, but he clearly wasn’t man enough for me. And then there was my birthday….I feel so old!
I still haven’t had the means to produce new content. With all of my regular bills plus my medical bills piling up, buying a new camera is definitely out of the question (although one of you lovelies can buy me the one I want HERE). I opened up a clips store on ClipVia, as well as posted videos and panties and a bunch more goodies on ManyVids.

I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had time to do much on the BDSM front, or any front for that matter. I’m currently working 3 jobs to make ends meet, and pay back my grandparents for everything they did for me while raising me. Any free time is spent camming. I used to go to karaoke every night with my friends and danced on tables and had so much fun…now I’m lucky if I get out once a week.  And if I have 5 seconds to breathe? Trivia Crack! I’m so addicted lol. I think once I have my following back, I’ll create another post to fund a vacation…I haven’t left the state since December 2012, and I NEED to go someplace warm!

So to wrap this up, I’ll say that I just started my Valentine’s Day contest on Chaturbate. Make sure to check out the details for that on my cam page so you can win some awesome goodies :) Buying anything off of my wish list will earn you raffle tickets, but anything off of my Valentine’s wish list will earn you double tickets! I’ll be on Chaturbate throughout the day today, so come check me out :)

Princess K

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Back In Action!!!

Well now that Google FINALLY got to my complaints about my blog being falsely labeled as spam and deleted, this blog is back up and within the next few days you all will get more updates than you can handle :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Just An Update

Hey guys. I'm still here....I know I haven't been as active since CollarMe (or I guess CollarSpace now) started being douchey about my profile. But I'm gonna try to slip through the cracks and re-update my profile so I can get a new harem of subbies to play with :)

So what's going on in the land of me? Hmmm. Well I recently broke up with the guy I was dating....that'll teach me not to date a sub. YIKES. I'm still being an awesome cam girl on Chaturbate. My free time has been spent watching old shows on Netflix (Angel, Ghost Whisperer, stuff like that) and filling up my wish list so you boys can keep spoiling me. You've been doing a great job. Soon I'll be looking for a new place to live, just so I can get a place with more closet space lol.

How have you boys been doing with your NiteFlirt assignments? No problems I hope. I've been very entertained by the email submissions I've gotten, documenting your tasks. Unfortunately, none of you have the balls to allow me to post your humiliating pictures and videos on my blog. Oh well, at least I get to see them and have a good laugh.

Keep up the good work :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

New Website

So I'm totally aware that I haven't logged onto here, FetLife or CollarMe in months....

But hey guess what, I finally have a website. Click HERE to go to it! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekly Wish List Task

So each week, I will be posting one item off my wish list. The first person to purchase the item will receive all of my content, plus any other prizes issued with the item. ::NOTE:: I have to actually receive the item before you get any content/prizes. I'm sick of you pathetic scammers who mark items on my wish list as purchased so I'll send you a bunch of goodies and then you never actually purchase the item or you flat out cancel it.

This week's item is a pink stun gun, which can be found on my High Priority wish list:

If you are the first person to purchase the item (and I actually receive it), you will receive all of my content [4 videos, 36 photo sets], 1 fan sign, 1 signed 8x10 poster, and access to my DropBox for 30 days. Please take a screen shot of your purchase order screen, plus provide me with an email address to send your content to when I get the stun gun, and a physical address to send the poster to. 

Wanna see what kind of content you'll get?

::NOTE:: Previews of my content have been removed due to Blogger's new TOS. Please check out my Tumblr to view content previews instead. Sorry for the inconvenience.